Day 1 |
Aug 01, 2012

Tromso and At Sea 

By Uli Kunz, Oceanographer and Zodiac-Driver

Position: 69°41’ N, 19°04’ E
Air temperature: 12 °C, 53.6 °F
Water temperature: 10 °C, 50.0 °F
Air pressure: 1001 hPa
Wind speed: 1 km/h

The new voyage started with the guests arriving from all over the world. I was part of the welcome committee, greeting the guests as they made their way into the Panorama Lounge where they got their key cards for the suites. Most of the guests for the upcoming Arctic expedition have sailed with us before so there was a lot of cheering and greetings as more and more well known faces made their way up the gangway. This group is definitely very enthusiastic and they were all very excited as they got closer to their adventure. We are looking forward to exploring the Russian Arctic and especially Franz Josef Land, which is one of the most remote places on our planet.

The lines were cast off in the afternoon and Captain Adam Boczek steered the ship away from the Port of Tromsø only to go alongside a couple of miles further north at the bunker station to get fuel. Shortly after our sail away the first briefings were started. Expedition Leader Robin West summoned all guests and staff to The Theatre to attend the Mandatory Safety Briefing. All guests had to put on their life jackets and were guided to their life boat muster station (which hopefully they will never have to see again) to make themselves familiar with our safety procedures on board.

Shortly before dinner, our Expedition Leader introduced some of the heads of the departments on board, including Chef Christian, the bar manager Javier, Maitre Marcello, piano player Lou, shop manager Adriana and our salon and spa team Ginger and Maria. Following that, I introduced myself to our guests along with all of my fellow Expedition Staff colleagues.

After the bunkering was completed, the Silver Explorer left the pier and sailed through the steep Norwegian fjords towards the open North Atlantic, heading for our destination for tomorrow, the island of Magerøya, which is very close to the Nordkapp. Welcome on board and have a wonderful voyage!