Day 8 |
May 26, 2012

Killybegs, Ireland 

By Hans-Peter Reinthaler, Biologist

Co-ordinates: 54°37´N, 08°26´W
Weather: overcast
Air Temperature: 23°C

The morning was a beautiful half-day at sea. The Silver Explorer was slowly gliding through the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, making its way towards Killybegs – our next destination in northwestern Ireland.

On the way to the little fishing village we passed by the highest accessible cliffs of Ireland and Europe, Slieve League. Our Captain decided to have a closer look at this wonderful landscape and maneuvered the ship along this cliffs in about a distance of four cables. The guests came to the outer decks and admired the scenery with its lush green slopes and the dark brown rock walls beneath.

Shortly afterwards, the morning program continued with the lecture by my colleague Chris, about the bird life in Scotland and Ireland. Giving a short overview about the species, their biology and ecology, what we might see and have seen already on our journey.

Chris’ lecture was followed by my lecture with the title: “A Short Natural History of Europe”. The presentation highlights the most important biological events on the continent during the last 500 million years.

Punctually at 12 o’clock the Silver Explorer arrived in the port of Killybegs, and after a delicious buffet in The Restaurant, the members of the Expedition Team were ready and on the pier waiting for the guests to go on tour. Today the tour went to the Glencolmcille Folk Village.

On the way to the village we had two photo stops to enjoy the picturesque landscape of Donegal Region, and of course, the absolute stunning day with sunshine and 24 degrees temperature. A spring day which rarely occurs in this part of Ireland.

Upon our arrival in Glencolmcille Folk Village, our guests were invited to take a guided tour through the different houses, each depicting a different epoch in the history of the country with its furniture and household implements. At the end in the bigger of the four houses two musicians, one playing a violin and the other one a guitar, presenting old folk songs to the visitors. A good cup of tea and a tasteful scone finalized our experience the Glencolmcille Folk Village.

From there the bus took us to the nearby Glenbay beach, a wonderful sandy beach with a beautiful view out into the bay. Guests could walk around enjoying free time and a nice leisurely afternoon in the green country of Europe.

Back on board again, the Expedition Leader Robin West gave a briefing to our guests about tomorrow and my colleagues Juan Carlos, Imogene, Chris and I held a recap. In the evening, sailing away from the tiny little fishing village of Killybegs, a beautiful sunset finished another beautiful day of this journey.