Day 4 |
May 10, 2012

At sea

By Chris Harbard, Ornithologist

Co-ordinates: N 43º 49' 19”, W 06º 43' 58”
Weather: Sunny, then overcast
Air Temperature: 18ºC (64ºF)
Wind: 33 kph

With a day at sea! It was nice to not have to wake early, and I arrived to a sun-filled Restaurant for breakfast. The coast of Spain was clearly visible as we sailed eastwards towards our destination at Santander, which we will reach tomorrow.

At 10am it was time to take part in a special safety drill for the crew only. I am sure the guests are reassured to see how seriously we take safety at sea, with regular drills to practice what to do in the event of an emergency.

I was the lecturer this morning and gave a talk entitled Birds of the Iberian Peninsula and France, which looked at some of the more special birds of this fascinating region, from the more colourful species to the 'little brown jobs'. After lunch, Hans-Peter Reinthaler gave his lecture about Biodiversity, which looked at all living things on our planet from bacteria to Blue Whales. He told us that millions of plants and animals are known about already, but many millions more have yet to be discovered.

Tea time was combined with a trivia quiz, which was my privilege to present. I enjoyed taxing the teams with a range of general knowledge questions that they all answered well.

The final talk of the day came from Gordon Corrigan who told us all about the bloody Peninsula War and its cost in lives. A Recap & Briefing prepared us for tomorrow's trips to Bilbao and the Guggenheim Museum and to Santander and Santilla, the latter a fabulous mediaeval village. A First Timer's Cocktail Party welcomed newcomers to Silversea, and afterwards we all enjoyed a sumptuous evening meal.