Day 1 |
May 12, 2012

Lisbon, Portugal

By Imogen Corrigan, Historian

Co-ordinates: N 32º42'40", W 09º07'24"
Weather: Persistent rain
Air Temperature: 61ºC
Pressure: 1015 hPa
Wind: 30 knots

The weather in Lisbon was gorgeous… yesterday. Today we woke to driving rain, which was showing no sign of letting up (very good for the complexion). Embarkation day is always busy as guests depart and later new guests arrive.

About 12 guests are staying on for the next voyage, which is always very helpful of them – a few fewer names to learn! So they were peering through the rain and wondering just how much they wanted to explore the fair city of Lisbon after all; such a shame because it’s a beautiful place with soft pavements (true) and lots to see and do, but not quite so enticing on a rainy Monday. In the meantime, the hotel staff moved like lightning to prepare the suites and make all ready; it’s like watching a machine rolling into action.

No sooner had the last guest left than it seemed that a steady trickle of eager new faces presented themselves at Arrivals. This is my third year on-board so I’m happy to say that a number of the faces were familiar to me this time, and it was great to see them again; it was more like a reunion than a checking-in.

The evening went on in the usual way of a new cruise: safety and life-boat drills, introductions, the competition to see who knows the name of Latvia’s second largest city (how come no one ever does?), a swift briefing for tomorrow’s events and then the first of twelve superb dinners, not to mention the superb breakfasts, lunches, tea times .....