Day 11 |
Mar 26, 2012

Drake Bay and San Josesito Beach 

By Marco Favero, Lecturer

Co-ordinates: 08° 41’39”N, 83°42’14”W
Weather: Warm, light winds and partly overcast
Air Temperature: 31°C
Sea Temperature: 24°C

I woke up with the sunrise today to get ready for an early start at Drake Bay at the Osa Peninsula in the southwest of lovely Costa Rica. The ecological variety of plants and animals in this region is stunning; it is certainly one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth, holding the largest forest on the American Pacific coast.

The plan for this morning implied some exercise, with an option for a long, three-hour nature hike for the more energetic, and a one and a half hour walk for the more contemplative.

The landing operations were part of the adventure. With some swell and breaking waves ashore, we had to do a stern landing and use some extra expedition staff to help handle our Zodiacs. All went well and shortly after we got ashore, we met the local guides, got organised and started the walks, partly in the forest and partly along a sandy and rocky shoreline.

Landscapes were fantastic! During the walk our interpreter explained the vegetation surrounding us and spotted some interesting frogs as well as ground crabs and lizards. We were lucky enough to enlarge our wildlife list by spotting a Three-toed Sloth and Scarlet Macaws in the wild. The Macaws bombarded us with the leftovers of almonds taken from the top of an almond tree where they were seated!

The way back was pleasant and by the time we arrived back to the shore side the local guides were waiting for us with cool drinks, sweet and fresh watermelons and pineapples.

Operations ashore finished by 11.30 in the morning and after a quick lunch I was ready for starting the afternoon operations at San Josesito Beach. Swimming and a horse ride program were organised for the afternoon. The weather was nice but the swell ashore was a bit challenging for the Zodiac operations. Guests enjoyed the afternoon until the weather deteriorated and obliged us to come back to the Silver Explorer sooner than originally planned. This is certainly part of the adventure in expedition cruising; being exposed to the elements means that we must always remain flexible since things can change by the minute!

In the evening, Captain Adam Boczek hosted a farewell cocktail party and dinner. We better go to bed not too late this evening because another early rise and exciting day is waiting for us tomorrow at Manuel Antonio National Park.