Day 1 |
Feb 19, 2012

Ushuaia, Argentina

By Chris Srigley, General Naturalist

Coordinates: 54˚48’36 S, 68˚17’58” W
Weather: Overcast with a cool breeze

With the Silver Explorer ready and waiting, our guests began to arrive, tired from a long day of travel but full of excitement and with smiles on their faces. A great adventure through the Southern Ocean was about to begin.

With the check-in process complete, guests were escorted to their suites to begin to unpack and become familiar with what will be their home away from home for the next ten days. As they did, our Expedition Leader Conrad Combrink came over the ship’s loud speaker to welcome them.

Before the Silver Explorer would drop its lines and head down the Beagle Channel, guests would need to be run through a ‘Safety and Life Boat Drill’, an international law that must be completed within the first twenty-four hours. Listening to instructions from Captain Adam, guests gathered in the ‘Muster Station’ (The Theatre). Conrad explained what their actions should be in case of an emergency and how lifeboat guides would escort them to each of the vessel’s lifeboat stations.

With Customs formalities finished, our Captain started the engines. Once ready, the lines were dropped as guests watched from the top decks while enjoying cocktails and canapés. With the lines drawn in, the Silver Explorer swung around and steamed into the Beagle Channel.

Back in The Theatre, guests joined us for an introduction to Heads of Departments and the Expedition Team, each of us greeting the guests and sharing a little of our background.

The day’s activities done, there were only two things left for our new guests to do: (1) head to The Restaurant to enjoy the first of what will be many wonderful meals prepared by Head Chef Chris and his galley team, and (2) return to their suites to settle in. Their long journey to join us was over, their journey to the last great wilderness on earth had begun.