Day 17 |
Jan 29, 2012

At sea, en route to Ushuaia

By Juan Carlos Restrepo, Geologist


Co-ordinates: S 54º48’35”, W 068º17’58”
Weather: Sunny
Air Temperature: 10ºC
Pressure: 975 hPa
Wind: 40 km/h

It is incredible when you think of it. Only 17 days ago we were sailing out of Ushuaia through the same waters that we are sailing into today. We were very excited about our upcoming journey to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica. Little did we know that all our expectations were going to be exceeded by a true “brochure cruise”. It has been a phenomenal trip, and it is coming to an end as we approach Ushuaia for an overnight alongside, followed by disembarkation tomorrow.

The day started with a leisurely breakfast followed by a great lecture by Uli Kunz. In his “Through a Lens Below the Sea - Images From an Unknown World”, Uli delighted us with his stories and unearthly photographs about cave diving throughout the world as an underwater cave photographer.

At 10:30 the ship’s company carried out a security drill, a mandatory exercise where we were looking for stow aways on board. This drill was followed by a lecture entitled “The Evolving Bird: The Evolution of Seabirds”, by Shoshanah Jacobs. In this interesting lecture Sho explained the link between birds and their reptilian ancestors. She took us through their evolutionary journey from sea, to land, back to sea, as the seabirds we have seen on our journey.

We have had a real “Drake Lake” this time and after a tasty lunch in the even calmer waters of the Beagle channel, we met again in The Theatre to watch Richard Sidey’s presentation of the Expedition DVD that he produced for this voyage. Once again, Sidey has left us speechless with the quality, beauty and creativity of his work. Truly one of his best ones.

At 6 pm the Silver Explorer was alongside in the port of Ushuaia, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Most of our guests took the opportunity to go into town and explore Ushuaia and do some last minute shopping on their own.

This is the end of this voyage, one trip to remember, one that we will keep on referring to as “that” trip where we had good weather, great guests, wonderful wildlife sightings and a phenomenal time.

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