Day 10 |
Dec 21, 2011

At sea towards Ushuaia

By Shoshanah Jacobs, Marine Biologist

Air Temperature: 4o C
Pressure: 999 HPa
Wind: 15 km / hour
Weather: Overcast with sunny periods

This morning we awoke to strangely calm conditions. Were we really sailing the Drake Passage? We couldn’t even feel the ship moving! I thought that we must have been at anchor already in the Beagle Channel.

We started the lecture program off with Franz, our Ornithologist. He talked about bird migration, featuring the Northern wheatear, a charming little bird found throughout the northern hemisphere. Franz unraveled the secrets of how birds migrate to such far off places. How do they know where to go? And when to go?

A quick break was taken and then back to The Theatre for Luqui’s presentation on Patagonia. He has lived and worked here for a long time and has a wonderful collection of photographs and stories that he shared with us. Luqui is an expert on ice and mountaineering and his knowledge proved not only interesting, but also very useful throughout our adventure.

Lunch was well attended and land was sighted so the seas became even calmer if that was possible!

Richard Sidey invited us all into The Theatre to present the voyage documentary. What an amazing compilation! The 45 minutes passed by so quickly as we watched the story of our incredible journey. He captured the tone and the highlights beautifully and there were several funny moments that we were reminded of to our delight.

And before long we were alongside at the pier in Ushuaia. It was time to enjoy what the tiny town has to offer by way of food and entertainment, review the events of the trip and plan for the future!

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