Day 1 |
Dec 12, 2011

Ushuaia, Argentina

By Uli Kunz, Marine Biologist

Co-ordinates: 54o 48’ S, 068o 17’ W
Air Temperature: 15o C
Pressure: 1003 HPa
Wind: 7 km / hour
Weather: Sunny and warm with very little wind

There is nothing better than starting an adventure to the Antarctic with sunny and warm weather in Ushuaia! The pier was fairly busy with many fishing boats and a couple of other expedition ships sailing in and out throughout the day.

All went well on this glorious sunny day. All guests but one arrived by 17.00 and we busied ourselves with the mandatory safety drill and a few other housekeeping tasks while we waited for our final guest to arrive on a later flight. Missing such a chance to visit Antarctica would be a real shame.

Afternoons on embarkation day are fairly standard as we need to get through many of the mandatory meetings required by international maritime law – Mandatory Safety Drill at 17:15 where everyone gathers in The Theatre and listens to a brief outline of the safety issues on the ship, then they try on the bright orange lifejackets and the crew escort the guests out to the lifeboat muster stations so that everyone has a good idea of what would take place in the event of an emergency on board.

At 18:45, the final event of the evening was held, once again, in The Theatre – the Staff Introductions. Heads of Departments were brought up on stage and introduced to the new guests. This was followed by the Expedition Team introductions. We had said goodbye to two of our team members this morning and were joined by their replacements this afternoon. Though it is often sad to see our friends leave for far off places, it is wonderful to catch up with others and hear tales of their adventures when they were not sailing with us.

The Silver Explorer left the pier just before 21.00 and we sailed out into the Beagle Channel for the rough waters of the Drake Passage. Tomorrow morning will not be so calm.