Day 7 |
Oct 15, 2011

At Sea

By Christian Walter, Historian

Co-ordinates: 12° 22’ 46”, 64° 39’ 44” at noon
Weather: mostly overcast
Air Temperature: 28,6° C
Pressure: 1008 hPa
Wind: 7 kph

A calm night had passed when I woke up around 07:00 a.m. –much too early for a day at sea. The Silver Explorer was heading in a west-south-westerly direction towards our next destination and country: Los Roques in Venezuela; and it was only appropriate that our first lecturer for the day would be our ornithologist Patricia.

Shortly after her lecture, the announcement for our weekly lifeboat drill was made. Apparently everything went well, as the whole drill took less than 30 minutes, and Robin Aiello could prepare for her talk “Not just a pretty fish”. During the 35 years of diving Robin had done she had accumulated many interesting stories and pictures of underwater creatures of all sizes, shapes, colors and behavior. Some had been seen on our voyage already, others would be seen, and still others should be avoided for close encounters. As always, Robin was very enthusiastic about her topic, but eventually a lunch break had to be scheduled.

Following lunch, Hans-Peter gave his lecture about Caribbean island biodiversity, explaining why and how plants and animals made it to the different islands in the area we visit.

One of the highlights of the afternoon was Claire’s “Team Trivia”. Six different teams plus the Expedition Team partook, and the questions selected by Claire were seemingly easy, but even the Expedition Team had a few wrong answers- you had to be Claire-voyant in some cases….

The Recap & Briefing started early today; with Hans-Peter talking about Bougainville and Bougainvillea; Claire talked about the Calabash Tree; Sho, our Expedition Leader, gave a preview of Los Roques and Oranjestad; and then Louise, Lu for short, showed some 15 minutes of the video she had prepared.

Cocktails could be had before it was time for “Dinner under the Stars” set up out on deck. The moon rose around nine, and the Silver Explorer had made such good speed during the day that we arrived in front of the islands at 09:30 p.m.

The lights of the islands could be seen as the anchor went… The night could be spent a relaxing way, as the Silver Explorer would ride at anchor in a protected position.