Day 2 |
Oct 10, 2011

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

By Juan Carlos Restrepo, Geologist

Co-ordinates: N 18º 26’ 59”, W 064º 26’ 10”
Weather: Sunny
Air Temperature: 28ºC

I had a wonderful day today. I have been to many places in the Caribbean, but never to the British Virgin Islands, and I must say, I am impressed.

This morning the Silver Explorer dropped anchor in front of Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda. After a short Zodiac ride ashore we took our guests to a small marina where they boarded very colorful open-air buses for the morning’s tour. First, they set off on a scenic drive through the town of Spanish Town to Copper Mine Point. This is the island’s main historical monument with overgrown ruins at the end of a rocky road giving evidence of the 18th-century mining efforts by Spanish settlers, followed by Cornish miners 150 years later.

After a brief visit, the tour continued on to the Mineshaft Café to explore the grounds and enjoy a refreshing rum or fruit punch. Then they continued to the top of the Baths where everybody got a good view of the gigantic granite boulders dotting the coastline.

From the Baths lookout point, the buses drove through Spanish Town towards Gorda Peak. En route, the tour stopped to overlook the picturesque white sand beach at Savannah Bay. They then continued driving on to the viewpoint at Gorda Peak. Around every bend guests experienced spectacular views of a seascape graced with white sandy coves and numerous islets scattered across azure waters. During the drive, there were many photo stops to capture the island’s splendid panoramas and amazing scenery.

While our guests were on this tour, the Silver Explorer repositioned to Leverick Bay, where we picked our guests up to bring them on board for lunch. They had time to relax and unwind before heading out again at 2 pm for The Baths. Between powdery white sand, giant boulders poised atop one another in seemingly precarious positions create a series of spectacular pools and grottoes – the famous Baths. I must say, this was a very impressive geological formation, and I have seen many interesting geological formations. This was truly spectacular; it was like a maze set amidst huge granite boulders. Some of the passages were narrow and there were some steps to be negotiated. Suddenly you would find yourself in a grotto with a beautiful swimming hole, and after some time, the path led to one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.

Everybody was enjoying this magical place very much - they walked and climbed, on the other side they swam and snorkeled. I saw lots of smiles and happy faces as they came back out through the narrow passages through the boulders. What a place!

Once back on board, we all dressed up for the Captain’s Welcome Cocktail Party, followed by a delicious Captain’s Welcome Dinner, hosted by our executive chef Christian Armster and Restaurant Manager Laszlo Zsuuk.