Day 12 |
Oct 20, 2011

San Blas, panama

By Claudia Holgate, Climatologist

Co-ordinates: 9º39’N, 79º04’W
Weather: Partly cloudy with some wind picking up later
Air Temperature: 25.9C
Wind speed 32km/h North westerly
Pressure 1011 hPa

This morning we had a half-day at sea, so we had a relaxing breakfast before the Expedition Team had some of the regular training that is part of Silversea’s approach to ensuring safety on board. Just after our training, Rapa Nui, our onboard Historian, gave a short talk on San Blas and the Kuna Indians that we were to visit in the afternoon.

It is really great having Expedition Team who is able give insight into the culture and development of the place we are to visit, thus giving all of us an appreciation for what we are to experience later in the afternoon.

The Kuna Indians rule the San Blas territory with internal autonomy and have managed to preserve their language and cultural traditions over hundreds of years. Shortly after lunch we anchored off Wilidup Island, which is one of the 365 San Blas Islands where we were to visit one of the San Blas communities.

Our landing was one filled with colourful treats, from dances performed with rattles and flutes and explained by one of the community elders, to the beautifully embroidered molas that must take days to complete. Many molas were on sale and our guests went home wearing shirts with traditional designs or had bought the stunning, abstract designs.

There was also the opportunity to go snorkeling but the wind picked up soon after the dancing had finished so many of the guests who would have liked to snorkel had to cut their swim short due to the rough sea conditions.

We came back to the ship slightly earlier than anticipated due to the increasing wind, but our day was not over, as at 5:30pm Lu, our photographer, gave a showing of her voyage DVD. It received a tremendous response as everybody re-lived the last 12 days and realized how much fun we had had and all the different experiences we had shared.

It is with much sadness that we have to say goodbye to our guests tomorrow, as we have all enjoyed the trip and the new friends that we have made. I have no doubt that many of our guests will be coming to visit our little ship in the not too distant future.