Day 3 |
Sep 22, 2011

 At sea 

By Hans-Peter Reinthaler, Botanist


Co-ordinates: 48° 42’N, 68° 21’W
Weather: sunny, afternoon overcast
Air Temperature: 12°C

After a very quiet night on the St. Lawrence River, our guests experienced a beautiful sunrise as the Silver Explorer headed towards east down the river to our next destination: Havre St. Pierre. The day on the Gulf and river turned out to be sunny in the morning and overcast in the afternoon with winds around 10 knots.

Just before breakfast started, Minke Whales were seen around the ship, but disappeared as quickly as they had come into sight. Beside this some gulls, geese, cormorants and Northern Gannets were flying around the ship all day long.

The activities for our guests started this morning at 10.00 with our historian Claire Allum. This time she was talking about “The Grosse Ile Quarantine Station of the Saint Lawrence”. Claire gave an overview about the history of the station, its development and the role it played in the Irish Great Famine in 1847.

In the meanwhile, the Expedition Team was always keeping watch on the Bridge in case we saw more whales.

At 11.30 our photographer on board Elliott Neep, gave a short introduction into nature photography, giving our guest some tips and tricks how to get better pictures.

Lunch was served in The Restaurant and was as always very tasty. My colleague Stefan and I joined a table and enjoyed having conversations with guests about the whales we saw in the morning and of course geology and botany.

After a little break, our geologist Juan Carlos Restrepo gave a presentation “Geology 101”. Juan explained some basic geological concepts, covering topics like the origin of the earth, types of rocks, the internal structure of our planet and plate tectonics.

With the teatime, a general Team Trivia started in the Panorama Lounge. Eight groups participated in the trivia, which was hosted by me.

In the Recap & Briefing, our Expedition Leader Conrad Combrink talked about our activities tomorrow in Havre St. Pierre, followed by a recap from my colleagues Claire, who spoke about the first French colonies in Canada, Stefan about Illmenite, the Titanium ore that is mined near Havre St. Pierre, and Robin presented the numbers on the various nationalities that are on board for this cruise.

In the evening, our guests enjoyed a delicious dinner in The Restaurant looking out on the calm and beautiful St. Lawrence River as we made our way towards our next port.