Day 15 |
Oct 04, 2011

At sea towards Bermuda

By Shoshanah Jacobs, Biologist

Co-ordinates: 34˚32’N, 64˚52’W
Weather: Breeze from the East, steady throughout the day. Partly cloudy with beautiful sunset.
Air Temperature: 24.5˚C

It was another wonderful day at sea where the conditions were such that it was a pleasure!
After a tranquil and delicious breakfast I went to hear Robin Aiello, our marine biologist tell tales of sea monsters and mermaids. I imagined what it must have been like to be the very first sailor to see such terrifying creatures and think them dangerous! Hopefully we will not encounter any on our journey!

Then Claire, our historian, was up to present her lecture “Pirates, Privateers, Scoundrels and Thieves!” What a fantastically thematic morning! She focused on the tales of this region where many fought to steal and keep the gold from the Americas.

Several times I had the opportunity to poke my head outside and it was truly breathtaking. The fresh salt air, the gentle roll of our ship, and a limitless horizon made me want to spend more time on the outer decks but, alas, there is work to be done! We have just finished our Arctic season and boots need to be exchanged for snorkel gear, winter clothes need to be packed away, and shorts and swimwear need to be released from their storage boxes! I have to admit that it felt good to pack away my parka!

At tea time the staff got together to play Liar’s Club with our guests. We learned how good we are at lying! Many of the teams guessed correctly on occasion but so twisted and creative were our tales that no team got 100%.

Just before dinner we gathered in The Theatre to watch Elliott’s DVD that he has been making about our journey. We tapped our feet to the music as we remembered all the wonderful things that we have seen.

Before I knew it, it was time to eat again! A quick meal and then off to catch up on a bit of work. Tomorrow will definitely be a busy day.