Day 14 |
Oct 03, 2011

At sea, en route to Bermuda

By Stefan Kredel, Geologist

Co-ordinates: 39° 59’ 33” N, 66° 01’ 23” W
Air Temperature: 21,3°C
Pressure: 1017 hPa

The 3rd of October is the anniversary of the German reunion. 21 years ago the contract for the reunion of the former West and East Germany was signed. I am not sure if this excitement made me wake up already at about 5:00 in the morning. At 6:30 I went to the Observation Lounge as at this time the “Early Riser’s Continental Breakfast” starts. There was already one gentleman sitting. And after my first espresso my colleague Claire and another guest joined me. It was nice having a chat, enjoying another espresso and following the sunrise. The sea was pretty calm. So it looked like that the plan of Captain and Conrad worked out well to sail mainly around the bad weather system with its predicted high waves!

At 10:00 the first lecture of today was on. It was entitled “Earthquakes: Reason and Effect (including Tsunamis)”. I had to go to The Theatre, as I was the person giving the talk. I was positively surprised that most guests joined me. I had to explain to the guests that even though the area we have been sailing through over the last 2 weeks is not a real hotspot for heavy earthquakes, in 1929 there was a 7.2 earthquake that caused a Tsunami in the region we had been visiting the last days.

After my talk I stayed in The Theatre for the next talk, which was given by my new colleague Shoshana. She joined us just 2 days ago in Halifax. Her talk was about the evolution of seabirds. So the talk touched quite a bit of paleontology, which I like a lot.

After lunch I had a small rest before getting ready for the Team Trivia. It was my turn today to do it. I have prepared a slightly different one than the others do. I show 21 different locations always with 3 different photos and the guests have to guess which place it is. It is definitely not an easy team trivia, but guests liked it, and it also quite amazing how well traveled our guests are.

After the Trivia I went out on deck. I hadn’t been out all day and I was surprised how warm it actually was. Not too many guests were out there. But maybe that was because of the soon starting Captain’s Farewell Cocktail Party.

After the cocktail party, where once again (nearly) the whole crew came up on stage, I went to dinner. I had the honor to join the table of Conrad and 6 ladies! It was a very nice dinner with a lot of funny stories. But as it should be with stories like that, I keep those with me, and won’t repeat them here. Sorry …