Day 10 |
Sep 29, 2011

En route to Louisbourg, Canada

By Claire Allum, Archaeologist

Co-ordinates: at sea
Weather: overcast and misty
Air Temperature: 5˚C in the early morning

No one joined me for the Early Riser’s Continental Breakfast in the Observation Lounge this morning. A wind of 30-40 knots and a healthy ocean swell was probably the reason. Through the windows I watched the Silver Explorer cresting the waves, and ploughing through the deep blue ocean waters.

At 10:00 am I gave a lecture entitled, “Vinland: Land of Grapes, Wheat and Walnuts”. Well over a dozen guests braved the swaying decks to walk to The Theatre, and others told me they listened from their suites. The tranquil waters of the Saint Lawrence River and Gulf have spoiled me. This is the first slightly rough weather we have had on this voyage. Everyone is having to regain their “sea-legs”.

At 11:00 am I went to see Executive Chef, Douglas Hope, and Pastry Chef, Anacieto Del Prado, create Burrata and Kaiserschmarren in the Panorama Lounge. Burrata is a savory concoction of fresh mozzarella, heated and wrapped around ricotta cheese. Fresh garlic minced and sautéed in extra virgin olive oil is drizzled on top. Kaiserschmarren is an egg, sugar and flour mix, flavoured with dark rum and raisins and fried like a pancake. Once cooked it is torn up, sprinkled with sugar, and served with fruit compote. Stefan and Hans-Peter sat beside me as we watched Anacieto, anticipating the moment when they could taste a sample of this Austrian dish. I think it was as much the childhood memories the food evoked as its rich taste that made them sigh in appreciation.

The Restaurant was almost empty for lunch, most guests taking advantage of the sea day to relax in their suites and order room service. I had a quick, quiet meal with Hans-Peter before heading off to work on a Team Trivia quiz for the last couple of sea days. The questions will be based on this voyage.

In the afternoon, I attended a talk by Stefan Kredel on “What happened in the last 4.56 billion years?” at 2:30 pm. He included the geology of some of the sites we have visited on this voyage, such as Gros Morne National Park and Percé Rock. At 4:00 it was time for Team Trivia and I went to the Panorama Lounge to join Bob and Carolyn Campbell’s team. We came in second but only after I had helped myself to Bob’s tea by mistake trying to work out how many heartbeats a 70 year old man’s heart would beat in 70 years at 70 beats a minute.

By the time it was time for Recap & Briefing, the sea had become much calmer and guests began emerging from their suites. I had dinner with Ms. Deborah Katherine Kilmer and Hans-Peter and The Restaurant was quite full. I had tiger prawns, a seafood broth and two deliciously cooked veal cutlets. By the time it was time for bed, the Silver Explorer had docked in Louisbourg. Everyone will sleep well tonight.