Day 1 |
Sep 20, 2011

Montreal, Canada

By Juan Carlos Restrepo, Geologist

Co-ordinates: N 45º30’06”, W 073º32’56”
Weather: Partly cloudy
Air Temperature: 15ºC

Embarkation started just after 12 pm today. Our embarking guests were greeted at the gangway on Deck 6 by some of our Expedition Team members and hotel staff and then directed downstairs to the Panorama Lounge for check-in. The procedure was simple - hand in a passport, receive a suite key and have a photo taken.

Once finished with the embarkation formalities, our guests were shown to the Restaurant where they enjoyed a delicious lunch. Following this, everybody headed to their suites to unpack and settle in.

At 4 pm many of our guests came to the Panorama Lounge for teatime. We took the opportunity to meet some of them and say hello to some familiar faces, guests that have traveled with us in the past. Shortly before 5 pm we sailed away from beautiful Montreal in glorious weather down the St. Lawrence River.

The late afternoon was one filled with various briefings and drills. At 5:30 pm our Expedition Leader and Director of Expeditions Conrad Combrink hosted the mandatory Lifeboat Drill. On this briefing he explained the emergency procedures to be followed in the unlikely event of an emergency at sea, as well as some safety precautions to be taken into consideration on board the Silver Explorer in order to avoid accidents.

The afternoon was beautiful and at 6:30 we called our guests again to The Theatre to introduce the heads of departments on the Silver Explorer and to receive a destination briefing on our plans for this cruise as well as the planned activities for our day tomorrow in beautiful Quebec City. 

After these talks we headed for our first dinner onboard – the food really is amazing, and we all went to bed well fed and anxious to start our cruise around the maritime provinces of Canada on our way to Bermuda!