Day 17 |
Sep 19, 2011

Montreal, Canada

By Stefan Kredel, Geologist

Co-ordinates: 45° 30’ 07” N, 73° 32’ 56” W
Air Temperature: 18,6°C
Pressure: 1015 hPa

In the morning we arrived in Montreal, our last port of this voyage. But it was still too early to think about saying “goodbye” to our guests. We had another 24 hours. Disembarkation is tomorrow and for today we had a day full of excursions in and around Montreal.

There was one tour into the Laurentian Mountains. It was an excursion out of town, mainly for those guests who know already Montreal or were not in the mood for a big city. (Montreal is the second largest city in Canada and the seventh largest city in North America).

I joined the other excursion “Montreal and Richelieu Valley Tour”. We spent half a day in Montreal. We visited Notre-Dame Basilica and did a sightseeing drive through the old city center and some of the neighborhoods. On our way to our lunch stop, which was quite out of town, we did a stop at a lookout point. I got the feeling that there is a quite high quality of life in Montreal. And what I also realized and liked, were all the extra lanes for cyclists. It seems to be a very cycle-friendly town.

Once we left the city we were in a real countryside. Farming was everywhere. We drove for about an hour before we stopped at a restaurant next to Fourquet Fourchette. Lunch was superb; salmon or duck paste was served. The restaurant offered six different kinds of local beer. So we had to test them all before knowing which one to order. Some of our guests didn’t get out of the tasting status …

After lunch we drove a bit further. We saw apple orchards everywhere, and finally we stopped at a cider plant. We got a guided tour through the whole process plant. First of all it was explained that a cider in Canada has alcohol, not like in the US where it is a non-alcoholic apple juice. We were told about the history of cider and how it is produced. Whomever wanted could also try some cider.

At 16:30 we were back at the pier. There was not much time for a rest as at 18:30 our onboard photographer Elliott presented his DVD of our voyage. He was a bit nervous. Even though he is a well-known photographer, it is his first trip with us on the Silver Explorer. But there was no need at all to be nervous. As expected, he managed, in a brilliant way, to summarize the last 17 days in a 60-minute show. It is always amazing to see those digital recaps of our trips. You just realize what we actually all saw on this trip. Our trip started in Iceland, and we went also to Greenland. Both seem to me ages away! The guests loved the DVD, and a lot of them took one back home. It is a nice way to show family and friends at home what we did and saw the last 17 days.

Most of our guests had been on board since Reykjavik, but some even since Longyearbyen. Tomorrow they all will return home, but there was one last dinner to enjoy together.