Day 15 |
Sep 17, 2011

At sea

By Hans-Peter Reinthaler, Botanist

Co-ordinates: 49° 50’ N, 66° 33’ W
Weather: sunny, partly overcast
Air Temperature: 13°C

Early in the morning the Silver Explorer left the pier at Havre St. Pierre where she was forced to spend the night due to the strong winds coming down the St. Lawrence Gulf. The day on the Gulf and river turned out to be sunny and beautiful with winds between 15 and 20 knots, so that she could make a good speed to reach our next stop Quebec.

There was not too much to see outside, even our birder on board Luciano was a little bit disappointed by the lack of sea birds. Only some species like the Great Blackbacked Gull, an Osprey and some Cormorants were flying around the ship.

The day started for our guests with the culinary battle “Ready, Steady, Cook”. This time our Hotel Director Markus challenged our geologist on board Stefan Kredel in a competition between southern and northern Germany, which ended even.

Lunch was served in The Restaurant and was, as always, very tasty. I enjoyed my conversations with guests about the day and excursions in Quebec.

After a little break at 14.30, our marine biologist Robin Aiello talked about “Sea Monsters, Mermaids and Giants – Fact or Fiction”. She gave a fun review of some of the local legends and how they grew from real animals.

With the teatime, a general Team Trivia started in the Panorama Lounge. Six groups participated in the trivia, which was hosted by my colleague Juan Carlos.

At 17.00 the next presentation was on the program. This time my colleague and historian Claire Allum gave a presentation on “The Grosse Ile Quarantine Station of the Saint Lawrence”. Claire gave an overview about the history of the station, its development and the role it played in the Great Irish Famine of 1847.

In the Recap & Briefing our Expedition Leader Conrad Combrink talked about our activities, and their changes due to our later arrival, tomorrow in Quebec, followed by a recap from my colleagues Luciano, who spoke about Beaufort’s Windscale, Claire about Canadian History of the 17th and 18th centuries, and Robin about Whelk and sea cucumber fishing in this part of the world.