Day 9 |
Aug 30, 2011

At Sea  

By Chris Srigley, Bear Guard/General Naturalist

Co-ordinates: Noon position, 68˚ 39 N, 013˚ 24.3 W
Weather: Overcast

As the morning broke on a new day here on board the Silver Explorer the main weather pattern that had followed our entire voyage continued. Yes, a dense fog surrounded the Silver Explorer.

Making my way through the ship it was apparent that all on board would be taking advantage of another day at sea. Enjoying some extra moments wrapped comfortably in their sheets before emerging. Leaving just enough time to enjoy a relaxing breakfast before the call of our lecture series beckoned them to The Theatre.

Well-rested and eager, everyone joined our Marine Biologist Robin Aiello in The Theatre for ‘1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, COLD Fish’, discussing the highly productive waters of the Arctic region and its abundant fish life. With her wonderful sense of humor and passion for this topic, Robin explained how fish living in such frigid waters have adapted to remain alive when the waters freeze over.

Before long The Theatre was full again. However, this time a lecture or recap was not the draw. This morning was to be the battle of all battles to have occurred on board the Silver Explorer. The culinary duel, Staff Captain Hakan vs. Hotel Director Marcus in ‘Ready, Steady, Cook!’ With mystery ingredients laid out before them, Hakan and Marcus, with their assistants, had thirty minutes to prepare a meal worthy of a taste test by two specially chosen guest judges from the audience. After much deliberation it was called a draw in this entertaining duel.

With another relaxing lunch under our belts it was time to join our Historian Peter Damisch in The Theatre for his talk ‘Iceland: Viking Vistas’. A look into the discovery, generation-spanning blood feuds, world-effecting volcanic eruptions, mystery and intrigue that has defined so perfectly this place of beauty.

No day on board the Silver Explorer is ever complete without enjoying teatime in the Panorama Lounge, however today was teatime with a twist! Hosted by Robin Aiello and joined by the rest of the Expedition Team we enjoyed a round of Team Trivia. Gathering into small teams, Robin took us through twenty-six questions based on the human body. All in good fun it was an hour of laughter and cheers.

Returning to The Theatre, it was time for a taste of the encompassing topic of the coming days. ‘Iceland: Work in Progress’, a presentation given by our geologist Juan Carlos Restrepo, took us into Iceland’s volcanic features and its fascinating geological evolution. By his completion, we all felt well prepared for the information we would receive during our tour in Husavik tomorrow!

With another day coming to a close and the excitement of our arrival in Iceland building, our Expedition Leader Robin West briefed us on our activities for the morning before we headed to dinner.

It was time to reflect on our past days and ponder our adventures to come before retiring. By the time a new day had once again dawned here on the Silver Explorer we would be in Iceland!