Day 8 |
Jun 15, 2011

At Sea, en route to Lofoten Islands

By Sue Flood, General Naturalist

Co-ordinates: N 66 33 Polar Circle!
Weather: sunny with light clouds, 17C

I woke early and went up to the Observation Lounge to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Norwegian coast as we continued our journey north towards the Arctic Circle.

This morning, our lecture programme continued with an interesting presentation from our Botanist, Dr Toby Musgrave, entitled “Arctic Plants – How Do They Do That?” which explained some of the extraordinary adaptations that Arctic plants have to survive in the cold. Amazing to think that about 1,700 species of plants live and thrive in the Arctic!

Later in the morning, our very popular Pastry Chef Jose demonstrated his art in the Panorama Lounge, delighting our guests with his culinary expertise.

After a leisurely lunch during which we were able to enjoy the sight of puffins bobbing around on the sunlit waters against a stunning backdrop of the mountainous coastline, Biologist Kara Weller gave a talk about Sea Monsters, which looked at some of the legends associated with the sea, and the facts and the fiction behind some of the mariners’ tales of creatures that lurked in the inky depths of the oceans!

After this, the guests assembled on the outside deck for a very special cocktail party to celebrate crossing the Polar Circle. Whilst they were enjoying their drinks and refreshments on the deck, Toby and I took to the Zodiac so that we were able to photograph the Silver Explorer as she crossed the circle – luckily it was perfect weather! We are now truly in the Arctic and our excitement is growing as we move closer to Svalbard.

A swift change of clothes was then necessary for the Venetian Cocktail Party before dinner. The Venetian Society is so named to reflect the Italian heritage of Silversea and exists to recognize our repeat guests whose loyalty is so appreciated.

We all then enjoyed yet another outstanding dinner from our Executive Chef Norbert and his team before retiring for the night, anticipating our arrival in the Lofoten Islands early tomorrow morning. A wonderful day!