Day 6 |
Jun 13, 2011

Geiranger, Norway

By Shoshanah Jacobs, Marine Biologist

Co-ordinates: 62º06’N, 007º11’W
Weather: Overcast in the morning, clearing later with bring sun and warm temperatures
Air Temperature: 14C
Wind speed: 8.5 km/h North Westerly
Pressure: 998 hPa

This morning we awoke to the most magical sight! We were totally surrounded by sheer cliff with silky waterfalls crashing into the mirror like water. We sailed up the Geiranger Fjord with the aid of our pilot and many of us were on the outside decks to witness the scenery. The fog and clouds hung to the sides of the fjords like cotton balls stuck there with glue and several times we sailed through curtains of it as we approached the quaint little town.

We began Zodiac operations immediately upon arrival. Our guests going on a bus tour were the first to disembark. Then the kayakers followed shortly after. The conditions were perfect for our Zodiac operations and everyone felt that a wonderful day was ahead of us.

On the pier all went well and some of our guests opted for touring on their own. I went on a short Zodiac cruise around the corner and explored several waterfalls that were in the area. We could even take a small shower under one of the very small ones!

The sun poked through the clouds in the early afternoon and on the pier the conditions felt more like those of a tropical beach. The buses returned in the early afternoon and the Zodiacs were busy shuttling guests to lunch and then back to enjoy the town. I heard that they had had a wonderful excursion to the top of the mountains and though, at the very top, their view was clouded in, they all reported having had a lovely time.

The kayakers were equally enthusiastic about their adventure and so many guests had participated.

Our navigation out of the fjord was enjoyed by all! What a spectacular sight and with even lovelier weather than in the morning!