Day 9 |
Jun 02, 2011

At sea, en route to the Shetland Islands

By Shoshanah Jacobs, Marine Biologist


Co-ordinates: 60°23’N – 002°34’W
Weather: Windy with strong gale in the afternoon
Air temperature: +9°C

Our navigation throughout the night made sleep difficult for many of us and breakfast was poorly attended. The wind had picked up overnight and was chasing us from behind starboard as we sailed towards the Shetland Islands.

Throughout the morning the conditions appeared to calm and Claudia presented her lecture “Climate Change: The Global Carbon Experiment”. We learned all about the data that show that the climate is rapidly changing and about what the effects might be in the future. She also gave us useful tips regarding what we can do at home to minimise consumption.

Many of us had become accustomed to the motion and we ventured out from our suites to stretch our legs and have a meal. Lunch attendance was greater than breakfast and the meal was, as always, delicious.

In the early afternoon I presented a lecture on the evolution of seabirds. They have, over millions and millions of years, come full circle from the oceans, to land, and back to the oceans. And, perhaps appropriately, the winds and swell picked up further, reaching over 4 m in height and Silver Explorer swayed back and forth as we slowly sailed southeast.

Claudia hosted a lively team trivia game in the Panorama Lounge in the afternoon. Several teams participated and all did very well!

Then it was Victoria’s turn to lecture in The Theatre. She presented a history of the Shetland Islands covering everything from pre-history to modern day events: an incredible feat in just under an hour!

Just before the evening meal, we met with the rest of the expedition staff and guests to hear the plan for tomorrow and a short recap. The movement of the ship had slowed over the last several hours and more of us felt able to move about. Though the evening was quiet, we were certainly relieved to have passed the worst of the waves.