Day 12 |
Jun 05, 2011

En route to Helsingor

By Petra Glardon, Zoologist

Co-ordinates: 57°, 42’, 09’’ N, 7°, 01’, 10’’ W
Weather: hazy sunshine
Air Temperature: 11,9°C, 53,4,7F
Pressure: 1012
Wind: 68 km/h

Another sea day! Luckily in nice sunshine and smooth sea, so no worries about being seasick while giving a lecture (which sometimes happens).

I was the first this morning to talk and it was about my favorite topic: cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises). It is always difficult to fit all information in 45 minutes, but on the other side I enjoy so much to tell people about these incredible animals!

At 11.15 several guests gathered in the Panorama Lounge to observe our Pastry Chef José Calab at a cooking demonstration. José is Spaniard and therefore he taught us to make a specialty of his country: torrijas. Torrijas are the Spanish version of French toast and actually very easy to make. In addition, we learnt some little tricks like frying things in very hot oil as it is much healthier than at lower temperatures. After the show, the waiters served us some pre-prepared samples accompanied by a glass of a sweet white Chilean wine. Simply delicious!

Toby Musgrave, our plant specialist, gave a second – and very interesting – lecture in the afternoon. He talked about plant hunters – those obsessed botanists of the 18th and 19th century who went around the globe on long expeditions, facing all sorts of hardships in order to bring back new and exotic plant specimens to Europe.

During tea time, Claudia Holgate hosted another Team Trivia with questions from all of the Expedition Team. And then it was time again for a Recap & Briefing! Conrad Combrink gave an overview of the excursions planned for our last destination: Ronne. And of course the weather forecast. Temperatures in the twenty-degree Celsius range – what a delight at long last!

In the recap we learned about the dynamic soaring used by northern fulmars that have been following the Silver Explorer since the beginning. Imogen Corrigan explained some fascinating details of the stave church we visited yesterday in Bergen and Kristine Hannon showed a preview of the video she is producing on our voyage.

Then everybody went back to their suites to get dressed for the Farewell Cocktail Party. Of course it was hosted by Captain Peter Stahlberg, who thanked the entire crew for the wonderful jobs they are doing on board the ship. The evening was concluded once more with a delicious dinner in The Restaurant.