Day 10 |
May 24, 2011

At Sea en route Stromness to Leith

By Gordon Corrigan, Military Historian

Co-ordinates at 1200 hrs: 58, 12, 31 N; 02, 25, 35 W
Weather at 1200 hrs: Dry, overcast.
Air Temperature at 1630 hrs: 9.48 C
Pressure at 1630 hrs: 1004Pa
Wind at 1630 hrs: 36 gusting to 70 kph

In accordance with our revised schedule dictated by the weather, the Silver Explorer weighed anchor at 0700 hrs and sailed from Stromness. As it was a day at sea the lecturers came into their own. We began with Claudia Holgate’s very relevant talk on Climate Change which dispelled much of the confusion and general misunderstanding surrounding the subject. Then, after a superb lunch, made even better by the stormy conditions under which it had to be prepared, Shoshana Jacobs gave us an entertaining and informative talk on land birds and how they have come to be the creatures that they are. Then Claudia was once more to the fore with another of her popular and amusing Team Trivia series won by ‘The Dandies’. Following afternoon tea to the melodious accompaniment of Alfredo, our Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Historian, Imogen Corrigan, delivered another of her fascinating insights into the world of our ancestors, this time on the life and times of the Vikings.

By this time the wind had abated, and dinner was enjoyed with less movement than previously. Tired but happy, we went to bed knowing that we were well on course for Leith, the final destination of the voyage.