Day 12 |
May 14, 2011


By Gordon Corrigan, Military Historian

Co-ordinates: 47, 11, 57, 48 N, 0, 31, 57 W
Weather: bright sunshine with a refreshing breeze
Air Temperature: 11C, 53F
Pressure: 101.4
Wind: 6.5

Honfleur port may not be particularly prepossessing, but the small town is delightful; brightly painted house-fronts cling to the harbor side, which is in turn crowded with small boats.

There were three excursions today. The first one was a walking tour of the town, which allowed the guests to enjoy the almost chocolate box scenery. The walk included a visit to St Catherine’s church, a C15th wooden building that enchanted everybody. The tour also included visits to local art galleries to see exhibitions of impressionist art.

The trips to the battlefields of Normandy were also an overwhelming success. Two buses set off and everyone went to Arromanches first to visit the museum. Arromanches is an equally delightful town. After an interesting lunch (guess the fish) we all went to the military cemetery at Omaha where I conducted a short but moving ceremony. One of the guests kindly laid some flowers in lieu of a wreath. That said, I enjoyed getting the guests out onto the ground and describing to them the events of those momentous days.

After that, the groups split. Most of them stayed with me and we went to Omaha Beach and Pointe du Hoc for further discussion of the landings, whilst Imogen took a smaller group to see the Bayeux Tapestry – a fabulous experience much enjoyed by all.

When all had returned to the Silver Explorer, we set sail for Portsmouth. The guests were in a party mood so there was impromptu dancing of varying standards in the bar.