Day 11 |
Dec 18, 2010

 Ushuaia, Argentina 

By by Marylou Blakeslee, General Naturalist


Co-ordinates: 54 48”S, 68 17”W
Weather: Winds lessening as the day progressed
Air Temperature: 54 F

Heading toward Ushuaia, I had the distinct feeling that we would travel with many of these wonderful people again. Around every corner I ran into someone that I had shared some incredible moments with on this trip. The day was bright with enough wind to send the sea into occasional white caps then back to calm water. I watched the birds that had followed us for so much of our trip, gliding along behind us once again.

The day was filled with information from lectures given by Rich, Uli and Peter. The final presentation was a viewing of the video produced by Kristine. The Theatre was filled and laughter erupted in different sections of the room as people recognized each other sliding down hills in the snow, taking pictures in their parkas and enjoying the reminder of the trip we just had.

Ushuaia was reached by 7pm and I am excited to get out tonight and stretch my legs on the streets of this small port town. I have my favorite coffee shop that sells 12 varieties of ham and cheese sandwiches. Usually a group ends up at the Irish Pub in town, and we say our final farewells to the late night crowd. I am sorry to see so many new friends leave the ship for home; I can only hope that our new guests will be as lively and fun.