Day 9 |
Sep 15, 2010

At Sea between Greenland and Canada

By Dr Colleen Batey, Archaeologist

Co-ordinates: 68°56’N – 51°56’E
Weather: Overcast skies and calm seas
Air temperature: 10°C

A slower start today following our wonderful few days in South and East Greenland, as we head across the Greenland Sea to the West of Greenland to Iqaluit for our entry into Canada. We had been treated the previous late evening to a magical display of Northern Lights that danced across the skies to our starboard side, glowing in green and red hues.

Our day began with a presentation by Sue Flood on her work “Behind the Scenes on Planet Earth” during her time with the BBC. We all marvelled at her patience as well as ability to withstand punishingly low temperatures in the Arctic (and Antarctic) in the pursuit of that perfect shot or the capturing of enchanting animal behaviour. We had a chance to warm up with the whisky tasting which followed with our Head Sommelier Maurice!

A leisurely lunch shared with guests from America and Finland enabled some valuable relaxation time before the commencement of a busy afternoon programme. The scheduled ice carving on by Fernando was unfortunately postponed due to wet weather, but indoors attention turned to a lecture on “Seashore and Tundra birds of the North Atlantic” given by Ha-Jo Spitzenberger who had joined the Expedition Team in Reykjavik.

The late afternoon lecture slot was filled with Robin Aiello’s lecture entitled “Fish Tails – Arctic Fish Adaptations”, presented in her customary engaging style and easing us into the festivities of the Venetian Cocktail Party and Dinner. Once more this gave a chance to recognise the valued repeat guests on board and the Dinner, prepared by our superb chef Anne-Marie and her team once more exceeded our expectations.

Our last event of the day was a game of Liars Club in the Panorama Lounge. Whoever would have thought words of unexpected meaning could be so much fun!

As we all headed to sleep, we were delighted to learn that we were once more putting back our clocks – another hour of sleep welcomed by all!