Day 16 |
Sep 22, 2010

At sea

By Hans-Peter Reinthaler, Biologist

Co-ordinates: 52°06´N, 55°28´W
Weather: cloudy and windy
Air Temperature: 8 C

The half day at sea after the wonderful day in the nice little village of Hopedale was characterized by two natural elements: wind and swell. It started just after leaving the protected area of the bay of Hopedale yesterday evening. The Prince Albert II still was in the range of the hurricane Igor, which had passed along the coast of Newfoundland the day before. But luckily the winds were coming mostly from stern so our guest’s didn’t experience too much movement of the ship.

An interesting lecture program filled out this morning on board the Prince Albert II. After I had a delicious breakfast in The Restaurant with our guests at 9.45 hours, my colleague Ha-Jo Spitzenberger had his lecture in The Theatre to speak about the “The True Discoverers of America”. The presentation gave an overview of the immigration of humans long before the first European colonists had put their feet on the continent. He spoke about the first humans ever in America, where they came from and when they arrived.

Shortly after Ha-Jo, our on board naturalist Sue Flood presented an interesting insight into the difficulties of working in the cold and how to film wildlife in low temperatures. Covering filming of such rare occurrences like Snow leopards, Polar Bears hunting, and working with the Inuits.

At around 12.30, the Prince Albert II reached the position in the entrance to the bay of Battle Harbour, but due to swell and wind conditions the landing was canceled and the ship sailed on to our next stop, which is tomorrow at L’Anse Aux Meadows. The Captain of course tried to reach the protected bay of the nearby village of St. Anthony earlier so that some guests who were not feeling well could have some rest and be fit for tomorrow’s day. The anchor position in the bay was reached at around 5 o’clock in the afternoon just before the lecture of my colleague Colleen Beaty, our on board archeologist, started.

In the evening, Expedition Leader Robin West gave a briefing to our guests about the activities for tomorrow in L’Anse aux Meadow. Anthony and my colleagues Robin Aiello, Juan Carlos, Ha-Jo and Christian held a short recap regarding biomimicry, from Jupiter to the Beaufort Scale, photographic techniques and Dr. Grenfell respectively.

Tonight the Prince Albert II was anchored in the protected bay of St. Anthony and our guests enjoyed an excellent dinner in The Restaurant.