Day 10 |
Aug 21, 2010

Tromsø, Norway 

By Chris Srigley, General Naturalist


Co-ordinates: 69˚39’27”N, 18˚58’21”E
Weather: Sunny with scattered clouds

With the sun shinning and temperatures closing in on 20˚C (68˚F), the Prince Albert II entered into the northern fjord system of Norway en route to our final destination of Tromsø.

Having such splendid weather, many of our guests spent their early hours of the day on the outer decks soaking in the sun and beautiful scenery around us. There really was no better way to enjoy the morning.

Soon however the call of The Theatre could not be resisted. It was time for our onboard photographer, Kristin Hannon, to screen her much-anticipated voyage DVD. A masterfully crafted selection of still shots and motion video edited to represent the wonderful voyage we had just experienced. As the final seat was taken, the lights dimmed and the show began.

Quickly the “oohs” and “aahs” began to filter through the crowd as early experiences were relived on the screen before laughter filled the air as people had their first glimpse of the polar plunge!

After a quick thank you from our Expedition Leader Robin West for the Expedition Team and their work over the past ten days, The Theatre emptied out as everyone headed to The Restaurant for lunch before getting down to the task of packing their bags.

Although the process of packing had begun we were not finished with our excursions. Upon our arrival in Tromsø, buses and tour guides were standing by for a city tour. Making stops at the botanical gardens with its display of plants from all corners of the globe that share similar climates, the Arctic cathedral and passing by the university before entering the city centre, the tour is a fantastic look into a city that has transformed itself from a small working village to a bustling city of some 60,000 people.

Returning to the Prince Albert II, all onboard returned to their last bit of packing before enjoying their final meal in The Restaurant. Many chose to finish their evening looking back over the last ten days over cocktails in the Panorama Lounge before retiring to their suites.

With this, it was time for another voyage here onboard the Prince Albert II to come to an end. A voyage enjoyed by all.