Day 3 |
Jun 07, 2010

At Sea

By Kara Weller, Naturalist and Zodiac driver

Co-ordinates: 53° 510 ’ N – 01° 44’ E (noon position)
Weather:  overcast
Air temperature: 18° C
Wind: 33 km per hour
Pressure: 1008 hPa

A morning at sea awaited us today, which afforded ample time for people to relax a bit. After the excitement of London it was good to take it easy and to enjoy the comfort of the Prince Albert II. The morning was overcast and a bit foggy as we made our way north along the east coast of England towards our next destination of Newcastle.

The day started off with the launch of our lecture program, and Peter, one of our many historians onboard, gave a presentation entitled “John Harrison Discovers Longitude but Swindled from Reward” in which he talked about the man who worked hard for 45 years to finally discover the way longitude must work. The British government who had offered a reward for this discovery, however refused to grant him his prize. The search for longitude is a fascinating subject and the discovery of it changed the world.

Those traveling with Silversea for the first time were invited to a First-Timers cocktail party later in the morning in the Observation Lounge in the late morning, after which the second lecture of the day started. This was from Richard, our ship’s photographer, who gave a talk on tips and tricks for taking better pictures. In the process of giving us advice on how to use our cameras more effectively, Richard showed us many of his own stunning photographs that he had taken around the world.

Not much life was to be seen on the outer decks during the day. A few seabirds flew past the ship, and occasionally offshore oil rigs were passed. The sea and the sky were grey and the seas were very calm. A chilly wind blew outside but many people still ventured out for fresh air and a walk around the decks.

After a delicious lunch, we were invited back to The Theatre for another talk, this time from Victoria who spoke about the Shetland Islands where we would soon find ourselves. In her talk she examined Shetland’s human history which resulted in an unusual heritage blend of Norwegian, Scottish, British and European peoples. Shetland has an incredible number of ancient archaeological sites, and by examining them and looking at documentary evidence we can trace the development of people’s lives on these fascinating islands.

In the evening we all joined Robin in The Theatre for a mandatory Zodiac briefing in which he told everyone how the Zodiacs work and how we would be using them, which was followed by a destination briefing that gave everyone more information on our upcoming days and events.

After that is was time to drink! Cocktails, that is. The Captain’s Welcome Cocktail Party took place in The Theatre during which the Captain and the senior officers were introduced, after which everyone marched downstairs to The Restaurant for a wonderful Welcome Dinner.