Day 11 |
Jun 15, 2010

Lofoten Islands, Norway

By Stefan Kredel, Geologist

Co-ordinates:  68°08’N, 13°34’E

Weather: (partly liquid) sunshine

Air Temperature: 14°C

The arrival in the morning woke me up, as we used the bow-thruster. Punctually at 08:00 we were alongside. Behind us, a bigger ship with 900 passengers aboard entered into the harbour, and I think everyone of our guests felt comfortable to be on the Prince Albert II, and not on this “mass transporter”!

After the gangway was in place, a half-day tour left from the pier. This excursion was going to the two main highlights of Lofoten. The first visit was one of the best-preserved fishing villages in the Lofoten. This picturesque small settlement with all its red-colored wooden houses at the end of the Nusfjord gives a nice example of a typical historic fishing village in the northern area of Norway. After some explanations by the local guide there was enough time to investigate and enjoy this peaceful place.

The second “big” stop, beside some photo stops, was more about the past of the area. We went to the site of an ancient Viking Farm. This place was discovered only by accident in the 1980s. A farmer found the site when he plowed his land. Today it is considered to be one of the most important archaeological sites in the whole of northern Scandinavia. A very impressive museum in the form of a typical Viking longhouse was built at this site, and showed a very fine collection of items from the excavation.

Back on board the Prince Albert II, lunch was served. A long rest was not possible as one of our three historians, Peter, gave at 14:30 a talk entitled “Andree North Pole Expedition, Lost for 33 years!”

Later then, at about 17:30, we were entering the Troll Fjord. The Troll Fjord can for sure be called one of the most spectacular fjords of the whole of Scandinavia! This small and narrow fjord is only navigable for smaller ships like us. And even though it was raining slightly, most of our guests were on the outer decks to follow this scenic passage while the Hotel Department served hot chocolate and Glühwein.

Our fearless Expedition Leader Robin even went with a Zodiac into the fjord, to give our onboard photographer, Richard Sidey, the chance to collect media of this cruise. A staff member (I can’t remember anymore who it was) managed that our guests sang a “Happy Birthday” to Robin from the outer decks! He seemed to really enjoy it a lot …

What else to repot about this exciting day… I saw quite some happy smiling “Kiwis”. At the moment there is the world soccer championship, and New Zealand managed to make a goal in the last seconds of the game, so they managed a 1-1 against Slovakia. As I was told, this was the first goal ever by NZ at a world championship. It is only the second time that NZ qualified, and the last (and first) time 28 years ago, they didn’t manage to make a single goal. So they were quite happy. Not like the Aussies, who lost the other day 4-0 against Germany. I promised them yesterday at dinner “but don’t mention the soccer …”