Day 9 |
May 06, 2010

At Sea En Route To St Malo

By Major JGH Corrigan

Coordinates at 1200 hrs GMT: 47.52.08 N, 5.06.18 W

Weather: Cloudy and overcast

Air Temperature at 1200 hrs GMT: 10 C

The day was spent entirely at sea but with plenty of activity for those guests who wanted it. There were two lectures in the morning, the first by our Czech Geologist Stefan Kredel. This described the nature of earthquakes, how and why they occur, how they are measured, and included an historical survey of the most severe earthquakes (9.5 on the Richter Scale and below) since precise measurements began. The talk also explained the formation of tsunamis, and contained a vital piece of advice: if you see the sea suddenly going out in an unusual way – run!

The second lecture was on the subject of the Hundred Years War with specific emphasis on the reign and achievements of Henry V.

After the usual splendid lunch, guests were able to hear Olga Stravakis talk on the Vikings, a tour de force that explained where the Vikings originated from and how from being wide-ranging raiders and cattle thieves they became princes of Russia, dukes of Normandy and finally kings of England.

After the talk, guests could be amused by the game of Trivia, hosted by our Hotel Director, whose talents extend far beyond the organisation and production of magnificent meals. Then guests and staff gathered for our usual recap on the day and briefing for the morrow.

The Venetian Society Dinner took place at 1930 hours and was much enjoyed by all, while those who were not yet ready to go to bed partied the night away to the melodious sounds of Emilio and his piano in the Panorama Lounge.

Throughout the day, our biologist, Chris Cutler, and our botanist, Hans-Peter Reinthaler, braved the wind and the cold on deck to point out to and explain to guests the marine life and birds that crossed our path during the voyage.