Day 4 |
May 01, 2010

Day At Sea En Route To Bilbao, Spain

By Major JGH Corrigan

Co-ordinates: at 1200 hrs GMT: 4340.43 N, 5.48.59 W.

Weather: partial clouds, light rain

Air Temperature:  As at 1200 hrs GMT 57.6F

The day was spent entirely at sea with a full programme to keep guests amused, beginning with a lecture by Herr Stefan Kredel on plate tectonics, which explained the theory of continental drift and how movement in the earth’s crust and the shifting of tectonic plates can produce earthquakes and tsunamis.

Later in the morning, the Prince Albert II ’s head sommelier conducted a wine tasting seminar when the merits of some of the exciting vintages of the region were described and sampled. After the usual excellent lunch we were privileged to hear our biologist, Herr Hans-Peter Reinthaler talk on “Biodiversity – Counting Life on Earth”, when he showed how eco systems, species and genetic variations contributed to the abundance of life on this planet. No doubt everyone in the audience was well aware of the number of different types of flatworms, but I was not, and to find that there are over 13,000 was a revelation.

Team Trivia hosted by our Hotel Director followed, as did afternoon tea, while at 1715 hrs the evening lecture 'Life in Nelson's Navy' was delivered by an arrogant and self-satisfied Brit (myself), who confirms all the prejudices of the non-British element on the ship, while those who had heard quite enough ramblings about England's military superiority enjoyed a sundowner cocktail on the pool deck.

The usual evening recapitulation covered a variety of subjects related to what we had seen and done so far on the voyage, including a preview of the DVD of the cruise (compulsive viewing) interrupted by the exciting appearance of pilot whales on both sides of the ship. The end of Recap left time for a refreshing aperitif before dinner in The Restaurant. Emilio continued to entertain us with his smooth sounds on the piano until the small hours. And so to bed.