Day 4 |
Apr 21, 2010

At Sea, En Route To Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

By Stefan Kredel, Geologist

Co-ordinates:  30°35’N, 15°10’W

Weather: mainly sunny

Air Temperature: 19°C

A nice day at sea on our way from the Canary Islands to Madeira, so a nice day to relax a bit after all the activities within the last days. As breakfast was served from 08:00 o'clock onwards, I decided to sleep in and only went at 08:15 to The Restaurant, and I was surprised when the waiter told me I was the first one!

Anyhow, after a nice breakfast where soon after quite some guests showed up, I got ready for the first lecture of the day, held by our onboard biologist Hans-Peter. His topic today was the “Jewels in the Atlantic Ocean - the Canary Islands and Madeira”. He explained the special situation of those isolated islands we visited and will visit tomorrow, mainly - but not only - from a biological point of view.

After the talk there was not much time, as at 11:45 there was the First-Timer Cocktail Party. All guests were invited who haven't sailed with Silversea before. Always nice to see and meet new members of the Silversea family.

Just before lunch, Hans-Peter and I updated the bulletin board with new information for our upcoming destination, Madeira.

Lunch was delicious as usual, and my main struggle was not to eat too much, as I can't afford to buy new trousers …

No time for a siesta as our onboard historian Olga had her first talk just after lunch, called “Macaronesia - Legendary Islands of the Mid-Atlantic”. She talked about the first human beings on the islands, and finished with the today's situation of those islands. So it was a long and interesting stretch of history that she covered in her talk.

After having a nice cup of coffee with two of our guests, I went back into The Theatre. Now it was my turn to talk. “Plate Tectonics - A 'Nearly' All Explaining Theory” was my title for this brief introduction to the main theory of geology, with some geological details about the area we are traveling through.

And again not much time to do things as at 18:30 there was already the “Recap & Briefing” for our last days and the next day. Conrad, our Expedition Leader, explained the plans for the next day on Madeira. Again two different excursions are offered, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and both once again sound worth doing. I am glad to hear that I am “forced” to join both of them!

We three lecturers, Olga, Hans-Peter and I, recapped a bit about the Canary Islands, each one from his point of subject.

Dinner was served already once we finished and tried to (?!) answer all the questions. So a day at sea with a lot of offered information came slowly to an end and tomorrow early in the morning we will be alongside in Funchal, the capital of Madeira.