Day 2 |
Feb 21, 2010

At Sea En Route To The Falkland Islands

By Juan Carlos Restrepo, Geologist

Co-ordinates: S 53º 40.7’, W 063º 38.7’

Weather: Blue sky

Air Temperature: 9ºC

Sea Temperature: 8ºC

Pressure: 1015 hPa

Wind: A fresh breeze blowing from the NW at 17-20 knots

“THERE SHE BLOWS!” were the first words I heard this morning when our Expedition Leader Robin West made an announcement to let us know that a group of 3 fin whales were in sight not far from the ship. Quickly our guests came up on deck in great numbers for what was to be a great start for this cruise. It is not often that such a good sighting occurs within the first 15 hours of a cruise. Everybody that went up on deck had a good look at these magnificent animals, which are the second largest of all whales.

At 10 am our onboard Ornithologist Will Wagstaff, presented his “Wild Falklands”. In this informative lecture Will presented an overview of the wildlife of the Falkland Islands. This archipelago has much to offer from swans and geese to albatrosses, seals, dolphins and more.

At 11:30 our Assistant Expedition Leader Jarda Versloot, who is also the Venetian Society onboard representative, hosted the “First Timers Cocktail Party”. This was a nice opportunity for fellow travelers to get to know each other and for the staff to get to know some of them as well. This was an official welcome to the Silversea family and an introduction to the Venetian Society, explaining the concept and the benefits of being a Venetian Society member.

Lunch followed and at 2 pm Peter Damisch, gave a lecture entitled “Falkland Islands, Tale of Intrigue and Tail of Sheep”. These islands have a long and diverse history that spans over many centuries of scheming and exploration, which has resulted in a highly diverse environment.

The sea and weather conditions were great today. Having sailed this stretch of water many times, I can fully appreciate when it is as calm and beautiful as it was today.

At 5 pm, Robin West gathered all guests in The Theater for a mandatory Zodiac briefing, followed by another briefing outlining the plans for tomorrow in West Falklands. I can feel people’s excitement building up, as we get closer to our first landing!

And as usual, being our first day onboard, Captain Alexander Golubyev offered his Welcome Cocktail Party. Suits and ties, and everybody got to meet the Captain, as well as the senior officers on board. This event was followed by a delicious Captain’s Welcome Dinner, offered by our Executive Chef Douglas Hope and The Restaurant team.