Guidelines for Responsible Travel

As travellers aboard the Silver Explorer, we have the great opportunity to explore remote and pristine destinations and an even greater responsibility to the resident wildlife, native species and local cultures we find. Our time spent in these pristine environments must leave no trace so that future generations may one day experience the same sense of discovery. Your Expedition Leader will speak often and in depth on the destination and the variety of ways you can help to protect all you encounter. The following guidelines should be kept at the forefront of your thoughts at all times when ashore. Kindly consult with the Expedition Team should you have any questions.


  • Never move or remove anything – no “souvenirs”
  • Do not create cairns (piled stone structures) or other such disturbances
  • Do not leave anything behind on shore or in the water
  • Properly dispose of litter
  • Respect your fellow guests by not blocking their view and by speaking quietly to let nature’s sounds dominate the experience
  • Influence responsible behaviour by others – be a role model, set an example


  • Observe from a distance; utilise your binoculars
  • If wildlife appears distressed – move away
  • If an animal approaches – retreat slowly to maintain a safe distance
  • Do not feed
  • Do not touch
  • Do not harass
  • Do not position yourself between a parent and its young
  • Do not surround an animal, always allow them space to retreat
  • Stay on trails
  • Stay with the group


  • Do not touch corals, the reef or other sea life – be aware of your fins and other equipment
  • Do not sit or stand on corals or the reef
  • Do not stir up the sand when treading water
  • Do not feed the fish


  • Leave nature as you find it
  • Stay on designated paths, avoid expanding existing trails


  • Preserve heritage – never touch ancient remains at prehistoric/historic sites, observe only
  • Respect the rights and wishes of local and indigenous peoples – remember we are visitors to their country/island
  • Learn a few basic phrases in the local language (“hello”, “please”, “thank you”)
  • Do not enter a private dwelling without first obtaining permission
  • Consult with the Expedition Leader before offering gifts
  • Do not give out money or encourage begging, consult with the Expedition Leader on how best to make a charitable donation
  • Follow tipping guidelines for local service providers
  • Support communities by purchasing local crafts and products; do not purchase coral, shell or other marine product souvenirs as this encourages plundering, which further contributes to the disruption of the eco-system


  • When photographing wildlife, approach quietly and with sensitivity
  • Utilize your camera’s zoom features for close-up shots; maintain your distance.
  • Do not startle or disturb wildlife to “enliven” your shot
  • Always ask permission before photographing people, their homes or their activities


Local governments request that all guests and staff aboard Silver Explorer protect the very special places Silversea visits by undertaking some simple checks. By complying with the measures below Silversea Expeditions guests and staff will personally be making a real and valuable contribution to the conservation of these fragile environments. The following bio-security measures are intended to prevent the introduction or transfer between landing sites of any organic material including animals, plants, seeds, soil and diseases.

Guests are directed to undertake the following checks before they leave home. For expeditions travelling to select destinations, an additional bio-security check will be performed onboard.

  • Ensure that the footwear you intend to take has been scrubbed clean and all soil and seeds removed.
  • Check all clothing for soil, seeds and insects – especially cuffs, pockets, seams, hoods and all Velcro.
  • Check that any equipment and luggage is clean and free of soil and seeds. This includes walking sticks, ski poles and tripods for cameras.
  • Before packing, please vacuum and inspect inside any bags to ensure absence of soil, seeds and insects.

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