After Your Expedition Cruise


Disembarkation begins shortly after clearance by local Customs (usually two hours after the ship’s arrival). On disembarkation day, guests should plan on vacating their suites by 8:30 a.m.

Due to distance between some ports and the airport, guests should allow additional time for departing flights. This is to allow for disembarkation formalities, custom and immigration procedures, transfer time to the airport and two to three hours for flight check-in. Guests requiring a wheelchair should notify Silversea in order for appropriate transportation and/or accommodation arrangements to be made.


On your return flight home, the airline will provide you with a Customs Declaration Form. If you plan to make numerous purchases abroad, it is recommended that you keep all sales receipts handy in your carry-on bag to help you complete this form.

US Customs will permit each traveller to return to the United States with no more than USD$800 worth of merchandise purchased abroad without paying duty. A 10% duty will be charged for the next USD$1,000 worth of purchases, and on purchased items that total more than USD$1,400, an additional rate will be assessed based on the retail value from the country of origin. Limits on tobacco and liquor are as follows: 100 cigars or 200 cigarettes and one litre of wine, beer or liquor.