Uli Kunz, Oceanographer and Zodiac Driver

Uli studied marine biology in Kiel in the northern part of Germany and in Gothenburg in Sweden. He has done more than 1,000 dives all over the world, mostly in cold waters, and, after completing a special education to become a certified Scientific Diver, participated in a number of diverse underwater research projects. In the Arctic Uli dove under thick pack ice, off the Canary Islands he investigated Pilot whales and found the biggest (and most mysterious) mollusk – the giant squid Architeuthis, off the Orkney Islands he collected small jellyfish from drop-offs in strong currents, and in Mexico Uli was a member of a cave-diving expedition exploring “Xibalba” – the so-called underworld of the ancient Mayans – an expedition that brought to light human remains and pottery.

As an avid sailor, Uli is frequently working on the research and sailing vessel Aldebaran, a 50-foot aluminum yacht specialising in documentaries about the oceans. In total, he spent more than one year as a skipper on the ship, sailing in European waters as well as off the coast and barrier reefs of Mexico and Belize.

Uli Kunz is also a professional underwater photographer, published in national and international magazines, with a special ability for photographing dark places where no sunlight ever enters.

Uli Kunz is scheduled to sail on the following voyage(s) (subject to change): 

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