Christian Walter, Historian

Born in Switzerland and raised in Germany, Christian went to school in Germany and Chile (Instituto Aleman and Universidad Austral). Having travelled extensively in Chile in 1972, he was finally able to see Easter Island in 1975. His first visit lead to a study visa, giving him the ability to return in 1976 to do a comparative study of Easter Island’s petroglyphs and the possible relationship between the island’s unique writing system, Rongo Rongo. While doing his research he was approached to lead tour groups on the island. His expertise in the fields of anthropology, archaeology, history and art eventually led him to lecture aboard expedition cruise ships. Christian’s main fields of interest are the History of Exploration and the Art of the Pacific Islands. When not at home or aboard ship, he can likely be found browsing in bookstores.

Christian Walter is scheduled to sail on the following voyage(s) (subject to change):






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Oct 29 2014 15 7423 Silver Explorer Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia to Easter Island, Chile $7,950
Feb 08 2015 13 9504 Silver Discoverer Auckland, New Zealand to Honiara, Solomon Islands $9,250
Feb 21 2015 17 9505 Silver Discoverer Honiara, Solomon Islands to Koror, Palau $12,150
Mar 10 2015 18 9506 Silver Discoverer Koror, Palau to Benoa, Bali, Indonesia $12,850
May 07 2015 11 7509 Silver Explorer Lisbon, Portugal to Portsmouth, UK $5,050
May 18 2015 11 7510 Silver Explorer Portsmouth, UK to Dublin, Ireland $5,750
Aug 01 2015 14 7517 Silver Explorer Longyearbyen, Svalbard to Reykjavik, Iceland $11,450
Aug 15 2015 12 7518 Silver Explorer Reykjavik, Iceland to Kangerlussuaq $9,750
Aug 27 2015 7 7519 Silver Explorer Kangerlussuaq to Kangerlussuaq $6,450
Nov 04 2015 14 9523 Silver Discoverer Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia to Apia, Samoa $12,650
Nov 19 2015 18 9524 Silver Discoverer Apia, Samoa to Honiara, Solomon Islands $14,250
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