Chris Cutler, General Naturalist

An experienced naturalist and field biologist, Chris began his career from boyhood in the inner city of Chicago where wire-running squirrels and rooftop pigeons were his preferred study subjects. He studied biology at the University of California, and there began several years of investigation on the biogeography, ecology and behaviour of birds and mammals. Among numerous projects, he has worked on developing cost-effective monitoring methods for forest bird communities; conducted baseline studies of threatened species of birds and mammals – using live-trapping, banding, vocal recording and other techniques; and surveyed diverse habitats for native and exotic flora and fauna. He has spent a great deal of time at sea on research cruises investigating the distribution of cetaceans and is an avid photographer.

Chris has worked for several years as a naturalist guide and lecturer on natural history excursions, both on land and on expedition cruise ships.
Whether in the Arctic, the Antarctic, Amazonia, on a South Pacific atoll or even in a vacant lot, Chris seeks out that, which the natural world offers up. Keenly interested in ecology, evolution, and conservation, he is an engaging interpreter of the natural world and a lifelong student of its endless lessons.

Chris Cutler is scheduled to sail on the following voyage(s) (subject to change):






Silver Privilege Fares

Apr 22 2014 10 9405 Silver Discoverer Broome, Australia to Darwin, Australia $8,950
Jun 14 2014 18 9409 Silver Discoverer Otaru (Sapporo), Japan to Otaru (Sapporo), Japan $14,250
Jul 02 2014 18 9410 Silver Discoverer Otaru (Sapporo), Japan to Seward, Alaska, USA $14,250
Jul 19 2014 12 9411 Silver Discoverer Seward, Alaska, USA to Nome, USA $9,450
Jul 31 2014 14 9412 Silver Discoverer Nome, USA to Nome, USA $11,050
Aug 14 2014 17 9413 Silver Discoverer Nome, USA to Otaru (Sapporo), Japan $13,450
Sep 30 2014 18 7421 Silver Explorer Apra, Guam, USA to Lautoka, Fiji $10,050
Oct 18 2014 12 7422 Silver Explorer Lautoka, Fiji to Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia $6,950
Oct 29 2014 15 7423 Silver Explorer Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia to Easter Island $7,950
Nov 22 2014 14 9419 Silver Discoverer Auckland, New Zealand to Dunedin, New Zealand $9,950
Dec 06 2014 16 9420 Silver Discoverer Dunedin, New Zealand to Dunedin, New Zealand $11,450
Dec 22 2014 16 9421 Silver Discoverer Dunedin, New Zealand to Dunedin, New Zealand $14,550
Mar 31 2015 23 7507 Silver Explorer Cape Town, South Africa to Dakar, Senegal $12,150
Apr 23 2015 14 7508 Silver Explorer Dakar, Senegal to Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal $6,450
May 07 2015 11 7509 Silver Explorer Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal to Lisbon, Portugal $5,050
May 18 2015 11 7510 Silver Explorer Lisbon, Portugal to Dublin, Ireland $5,750
Aug 03 2015 17 9517 Silver Discoverer Nome, USA to Otaru (Sapporo), Japan $14,150
Aug 21 2015 18 9518 Silver Discoverer Otaru (Sapporo), Japan to Otaru (Sapporo), Japan $14,950
Sep 08 2015 15 9519 Silver Discoverer Otaru (Sapporo), Japan to Keelung, Taiwan $12,550
Sep 28 2015 16 9520 Silver Discoverer Koror, Palau to Lautoka, Fiji $14,550
Dec 22 2015 12 7528 Silver Explorer Ushuaia, Argentina to Ushuaia, Argentina $14,650
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