Harry Christensen, Marine Biologist

A marine biologist by trade, Harry has extensive experience in educating people about the biodiversity of Indo-Pacific Coral Reefs. For over 25 years he has worked within the tourism industry providing educational programs to visitors in the Torres Strait, Great Barrier Reef, Melanesia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, South Pacific, South East Asia and Kimberley regions. He has also been employed for many years on the exclusive Lizard Island in Queensland, Australia and was responsible for bringing the diversity and fragile nature of the reef to the Island guests’ attention. It was here that Harry started producing a series of nature-based newsletters as well compiling educational programs on the Island’s flora.

Harry was called to help establish Poruma Island Resort on Coconut Island, a tiny coral cay in the Torres Strait. This island was seen as the most viable option for creating employment for the Torres Strait islanders. Harry was responsible for recruiting and training the local Indigenous people to work at the resort. Harry also has extensive experience in the Kimberley region, where he worked as a guide and as an Expedition Leader for several seasons.






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May 18 2015 11 7510 Silver Explorer Portsmouth, UK to Dublin, Ireland $5,750
May 29 2015 14 7511 Silver Explorer Dublin, Ireland to Tromso, Norway $7,850
Jun 12 2015 10 7512 Silver Explorer Tromso, Norway to Longyearbyen, Svalbard $8,150
Jun 22 2015 10 7513 Silver Explorer Longyearbyen, Svalbard to Tromso, Norway $8,150
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