Olive Andrews, Research Scientist

Olive Andrews’ compass has been fixed on marine mammals since she was eighteen, when she joined a whale research expedition on a tall ship. Nowadays, Olive is a research scientist at the South Pacific Whale Research Consortium (SPWRC) and Director of Whaleology—a consultancy—where she leads international programmes dedicated to research and the conservation of whales.

After earning a degree in Marine Science and Management from Southern Cross University/The National Marine Science Centre, Olive went on to become an expert on marine mammals. She leads marine research and tourism operations from the tropics to the poles, educating others about the fascinating natural world.

She’s conducted extensive research on marine mammals around the world, and provided specialised training and technical advice on marine mammal conservation and management to the governments and industry of the South Pacific. It’s this work that led to the development of Pacific regional whale watching guidelines and national whale sanctuaries across the South Pacific. She was also instrumental in the implementation of the Pacific Regional Environment Program’s Marine Species Action Plans for Whales & Dolphins, Turtles and Dugong, which covers 22 Pacific island countries.






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