Inspired photographer and world traveller, Bruno Cazarini has been capturing the beauty of the world through his photographs since 2007.

A native of Brazil, Bruno developed his skills by studying digital photography in Senac (São Paulo), which he followed by becoming the assistant of one of the biggest fashion photographers in Brazil. With his own photography business, Bruno has covered many subjects through the years such as fashion, social events, sports, portrait and travel.

As a photographer and ship-based logistics specialist, Bruno has already travelled to more than 90 different countries all over the world. His latest work includes a 60-day expedition through the Amazon jungle on an expedition ship. Specializing in digital photography, he also has a passion for teaching and lecturing about digital photography. His work can be seen on his website:

While in Brazil, Bruno photographs surfing in his hometown. He also likes to go hiking, surfing, diving and playing his beautiful semi-acoustic guitar. He makes great sushi and doesn’t really know how to dance.

”My best memories are moments that did not last more than a split second and for some time I have been trying to capture those moments as much as I can…in photographs.” – Bruno Cazarini






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Dec 22 2014 16 9421 Silver Discoverer Dunedin, New Zealand to Dunedin, New Zealand $14,550
Jan 03 2016 18 7601 Silver Explorer Ushuaia, Argentina to Ushuaia, Argentina $17,650
Jan 21 2016 12 7602 Silver Explorer Ushuaia, Argentina to Ushuaia, Argentina $12,550
Apr 29 2016 10 7608 Silver Explorer Lisbon, Portugal to Portsmouth, UK $5,350
May 21 2016 10 7610 Silver Explorer Leith (Edinburgh), Scotland, United Kingdom to Greenock (Glasgow), Scotland, United Kingdom $5,350
May 31 2016 11 7611 Silver Explorer Greenock (Glasgow), Scotland, United Kingdom to Tromso, Norway $6,250
Jun 11 2016 12 7612 Silver Explorer Tromso, Norway to Tromso, Norway $9,250
Jun 23 2016 10 7613 Silver Explorer Tromso, Norway to Longyearbyen, Svalbard $7,750
Sep 20 2016 14 9621 Silver Discoverer Koror, Palau to Cairns, Australia $11,250
Oct 04 2016 14 9622 Silver Discoverer Cairns, Australia to Balikpapan, Indonesia $11,250
Oct 18 2016 11 9623 Silver Discoverer Balikpapan, Indonesia to Singapore, Singapore $8,850
Nov 10 2016 11 9624 Silver Discoverer Singapore, Singapore to Phuket, Thailand $8,850
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