Mark Buckingham, Marine Biologist & Dive Master

A Marine Biologist and Zoologist by profession, Mark has explored many of the world’s remote wilderness areas aboard expedition ships. Whilst lecturing on a diversity of subjects, he maintains a strong interest in venoms and marine toxins, likely to have spawned from an Australian upbringing. 
As a Dive Master, Mark has lead Scuba Diving expeditions to numerous diving Meccas including New Guinea, Indonesia, Maldives, Solomon Islands, Micronesia, the Great Barrier Reef and ice diving expeditions to Antarctica. 
Mark has enjoyed many years guiding and filming along Australia’s rugged Kimberley coast — taking part in more than 100 coastal expeditions, advising to BBC documentaries, and unearthing some of the Kimberley’s long held secrets. Compiling a wealth of information on tidal movements and coastal navigation, his work has helped change the face of marine charts in the Kimberley.
An experienced boat handler, Mark spent several years driving pilot boats on the northern Great Barrier Reef with the Australian Reef Pilots. In more recent times, Mark’s passion has been designing and guiding private expeditions aboard super yachts and luxury expedition yachts to all corners of the world. 

Mark Buckingham is scheduled to sail on the following voyage(s) (subject to change):






Silver Privilege Fares

Feb 08 2015 13 9504 Silver Discoverer Auckland, New Zealand to Honiara, Solomon Islands $9,250
Apr 09 2015 10 9508 Silver Discoverer Broome, Australia to Darwin, Australia $9,850
Apr 19 2015 10 9509 Silver Discoverer Darwin, Australia to Broome, Australia $9,850
Apr 29 2015 10 9510 Silver Discoverer Broome, Australia to Darwin, Australia $9,850
Nov 19 2015 18 9524 Silver Discoverer Apia, Samoa to Honiara, Solomon Islands $14,250
Dec 07 2015 12 9525 Silver Discoverer Honiara, Solomon Islands to Auckland, New Zealand $8,550
Dec 20 2015 14 9526 Silver Discoverer Auckland, New Zealand to Dunedin, New Zealand $13,150
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