Maria Gomez-Berning, Marine Biologist

Maria Gomez-Berning is a biologist with expertise in aquatic ecosystems. In the past 15 years she has focused on studying aquatic biodiversity as a tool for investigating the effects of water pollution as well as for exploring evolutionary patterns and processes. Besides having lectured at different universities in Colombia, Maria has also work in renowned institutions around the world like the Smithsonian, Berlin and London Natural History Museums.

Maria has a doctorate in Natural Sciences from the Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany. Her work has been published in American and European scientific journals and she is currently collaborating with the Biology Center of the Upper Austrian State Museum at Linz. The opportunity of living in many different countries and interacting with different cultures is reflected in the variety of exciting lectures offer to Silversea Expediton guests ranging from marine biology to rivers and lakes through to archaeology.

Maria lives in Austria. She is an active sportswoman who loves outdoor and water sports. When not working, Maria likes to swim, dive and bike or to stay at home and read a book. 

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