Steve Egan, General Naturalist

Growing up in dramatic landscapes of World Heritage, such as Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, well fostered Steve’s innate passion for pure, untouched wilderness. 

His particular interest is in the Earth’s more extreme environments, wildlife and the people that carve out their existence in these places.

This desire led to extended expeditions throughout the Himalaya and Tibet, South American Andes and Galapagos, Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, traversing New Zealand’s Southern Alps and a European journey from Sicily to Arctic Norway.

After a rewarding year teaching English in Indonesia and exploring her islands, Steve returned to Australia to complete formal studies in ecotourism, turning love of shared nature experiences into his profession, based in Tasmania’s unique wilderness.

Deeper interest in Aboriginal Australian culture and tropical ecosystems led
Steve to several years of leading over land adventures in Australia’s rugged Kimberley and Kakadu National Parks, and as naturalist on coastal expeditions; exploring rock art, crocodile infested mangroves, and coral reefs as far afield as Sumatra and Borneo.

With one eye firmly fixed on the horizon and returning to his native Southern
Ocean, Steve’s extensive exploration of Tasmania’s offshore islands naturally grew into his passion for the wild circumpolar oases of Sub-Antarctic Islands and the spectacular beauty of Antarctica.
Finding a mirror image of exotic destinations in the Northern Hemisphere, he’s explored Arctic’s Russian Far East, Alaska, Canada and the many island jewels that link them, as an enthusiastic naturalist on various expeditions.

Broome, Australia is now home, and with one foot in the desert and the other in the Indian Ocean, it’s a welcome tropical thaw-out between Antarctic and Arctic summers.

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