Captain Margaret Ettlin

Born in Switzerland Maggi discovered the shipping industry as a profession unexpectedly. Fascinated by the great opportunity to explore the world and its people she decided to become a marine.

After graduating in 1995 from the Technical Nautical Marine School in Piano di Sorrento in Italy she sailed several times around the world. Ambitious for new challenges she got the opportunity to work on an expedition ship and discovered Antarctica for her first time in 1999. Since then the very remote parts of the world became her favourite areas to navigate, where she admires the crucial, wild nature and the incredible wildlife. After obtaining her Master's marine license she spent several years aboard the expedition ship Bremen as Chief Officer.

Still curious and restless the time had come for new adventures. The German Ice Breaking Research and Supply Vessel Polarstern was the perfect opportunity to bring her experiences beyond the horizon of standard navigation and increase her skills in the polar regions and in the field of scientific work. Starting in 2008 she was 2nd in command aboard the Icebreaker but not only was the 'real' ice breaking her favourite task, the ice reconnaissance helicopter flights had also become a passion for her.

She is now a helicopter pilot herself and is currently studying to gain her commercial license. Maggi took over her first command March 2011 on MY Hanse Explorer. Maggi has been with Silversea since 2010 and originally brought her experience to the team whilst working in the Polar Regions, Starting as Staff Captain in the Antarctic Season, In a few short years Maggi has earned her promotion and became the first female Captain with Silverseas.

Captain Margaret Ettlin is scheduled to sail on the following voyages (subject to change): 

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