Zodiac Guidelines


1. Guests will be divided into Zodiac disembarkation groups and will be disembarked in a rotating order. To avoid congestion and confusion, do not proceed to the disembarkation area (Reception) until your group has been called. 
2. Silversea’s Zodiac drivers have all had extensive training and experience. They are experts in this aspect of your expedition cruise. Follow their instruction at all times when aboard.  
3. “Dry Landing” means you will disembark the Zodiac at a dock or other landing platform.  
4. “Wet Landing” means you will need to step into the water and wade to shore — wear rubber boots or (for tropical voyages) reef/water shoes.  
5. Guests will be advised of the local weather conditions and the kind of landing (dry or wet) in order to dress with the appropriate clothing and footwear.  
6. Wear waterproof outerwear — regardless of whether a wet or dry landing.  
7. Wear the safety vest provided.
8. Wear sun protection, especially sunscreen with a high protection factor and dark, polarised sunglasses.
9. Pack your non-waterproof items (camera, binoculars, personal items, etc.) in zip-seal bags, and then place in your personal backpack or complimentary Silversea Expedition backpack.
10. Wear your backpack on your back. All other equipment should be handed to the staff/crew member at the top of the gangway before boarding the boats. This will allow your hands to be free for boarding the Zodiac. You will receive your equipment again once you are in the boat and should place it on the floor in front of you so your hands are free to hold onto the ropes. This procedure will be reversed when exiting.
11. When embarking and disembarking the Zodiac, firmly grasp the wrist of the staff/crew member that is waiting to assist you before stepping aboard/ashore.
12. Remain seated at all times whilst aboard, until otherwise instructed.