Zodiac Cruising

Zodiac® Landing Craft

Silver Explorer carries a fleet of Zodiac boats, allowing you to take advantage of in-depth shore excursions and explore places that would otherwise be inaccessible. To reach destinations where there are no piers and for islands surrounded by shallow waters, Zodiacs are the perfect solution. These rigid boats are specifically designed for nature study, and are very rugged, as well as safe, sturdy and durable. They are easy to board, whether at the ship or ashore, and are operated by highly trained crew.

A Zodiac is an exceptionally buoyant rubber boat with an inflatable hull of multiple air-filled compartments, a feature that allows the Zodiac to float even should a compartment become deflated. A low centre of gravity makes Zodiacs very stable and ideal for cruise shore excursions. Zodiacs are also agile, allowing them to easily come alongside Silver Explorer, and to manoeuvre over reefs and between narrow passages. All guests will participate in a complete Zodiac familiarisation session upon embarkation. Please review the Silversea Expeditions Zodiac Guidelines carefully prior to your training session and throughout your Silversea Expedition.